This report was drafted by the CSR department in cooperation with the firm’s management and the People, Performance and Culture, Sustainability Services, Markets & Marketing , Quality & Risk Management, Internal Accounts, Controlling, and Knowledge Management departments. The CSR department consists of the Partner in charge of CSR, the CSR Supervisor and the CSR Specialists and is directly subordinated to the firm’s management.

We report on behalf of four independent legal: KPMG Česká republika, s.r.o., KPMG Česká republika Audit s.r.o., and KPMG Legal, s.r.o. for Fiscal Year 2019, i.e. for the period starting 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2019. Some data relates to the calendar year 2019 as they either are not available for the fiscal year or in the past were reported only for the calendar year.

We plan to issue the report on an annual basis. This report is the fourth in a row drafted in line with GRI and emanates from GRI 2016.

This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option.

GRI Index

General Disclosure
Core General Disclosure Link
102-1 Name of organisation KPMG in the Czech Republic
About this report
102-2 Activities, brands, products, and services KPMG in the Czech Republic
Services provided by KPMG in the Czech Republic
102-3 Location of headquarters KPMG in the Czech Republic
102-4 Location of operations KPMG in the Czech Republic
Client care and the sectors in which we operate
102-5 Ownership and legal form KPMG in the Czech Republic
102-6 Market served KPMG in the Czech Republic
Client care and the sectors in which we operate
102-7 Scale of the organisation KPMG in the Czech Republic
102-8 Information on employees and other workers KPMG in the Czech Republic
102-9 Supply chain KPMG in the Czech Republic
We are
a demanding and socially responsible customer
102-10 Significant changes
to the organization and its supply chain
No significant changes occurred
102-11 Precautionary Principle or approach We adhere to professional standards
102-12 External initiatives We inspire responsible entrepreneurship
On a global level, KPMG has signed the UN Global Compact
102-13 Membership of associations We adhere to professional standards
102-14 Statement from senior decision-maker Introductory word
102-16 Values, principles, professional standards Ethics and transparency
Our vision and values
102-18 Governance and structure Management and organisational structure
102-40 List of stakeholder groups Stakeholders’ dialogue
102-41 Collective bargaining agreements Our employees are not organised in unions
102-42 Identifying and selecting stakeholders Stakeholders’ dialogue
102-43 Approach to stakeholder engagement Stakeholders’ dialogue
102-44 Key topics and concerns raised Stakeholders’ dialogue
102-45 Entities included in the consolidated financial statements About this report
102-46 Defining report content and topic Boundaries Stakeholders’ dialogue
102-47 List of material topics Stakeholders’ dialogue
About this report
102-48 Restatements of information not applicable
102-49 Changes in reporting not applicable
102-50 Reporting period From October 2018 to September 2019
About this report
102-51 Date of most recent report June 2018
102-52 Reporting cycle About this report
102-53 Contact point for questions regarding the report About this report
102-54 Claims of reporting in accordance with the GRI Standards About this report
102-55 GRI content index About this report
102-56 External assurance This report has not been the subject of external evaluations
201 Economic performance Financial indicators
203 Indirect economic impacts Introductory word
205 Anti-corruption Strategy
Ethic and transparency
302 Energy We monitor our carbon footprint
303 Water We monitor our carbon footprint
305 Emissions We monitor our carbon footprint
306 Effluents and waste We monitor our carbon footprint
307 Environmental compliance ISO 14001
401 Employment Employee care
402 Labour management relations Employee care
403 Occupational health and safety Healthy Firm
404 Training and education Education
405 Diversity and equal opportunity Diversity. Equal and flexible working conditions
406 Non discrimination Employee care
413 Local communities We help with what we do best
Expert volunteers
Doing Good
414 Suppliers social assessment We are a demanding and socially responsible customer
418 Customer privacy We adhere to moral and ethical principles


For feedback or any questions you can contact the CSR department or:

Anna Vaníčková
CSR Supervisor

Tel: +420 222 123 319